Form is an independent, customer-centric bike fit studio in the London area.

The focus of the studio is solely on bike fitting and on providing impartial advice on bikes and equipment to clients. Form is not a retailer.

The studio is run by myself, Ronan Descy, and is based on a functional, non-branded fit process, the end result of a decade of fitting in a number of high-profile London outlets using other, well-known branded methods.

I am impartial to everything except result, and my focus will always be on the individual.

In an industry drowning in technology and hype, my aim is to find effective, real-life solutions and provide you with useful, informed knowledge on positioning, technique and bike sizing.


Book a fit or sizing session with Form and you will be guaranteed the following:

  • An uninterrupted, friendly, one on one session in a private setting
  • A process which informs you and provides you with the info you require
  • Clarity on the relationship between yourself, your position and your bike geometry
  • Impartial and honest advice on all brands of bikes and equipment
  • A free follow up if changes are required post fit
  • Freedom to correspond by email at any point to discuss anything else which comes up


For an outsider, fit processes and branded systems can be a confusing subject to negotiate. With so many options available it's hard to decide which option to go for.

Fit processes are like recipes - guidelines on which fitters can base their work. Fit processes are usually based on a mix of both sound, and questionable, premises.

Fit processes ride in tandem with fit tools, the tools which fitters use to gather information and make decisions by. Goniometers, lazers, plumblines; 2D & 3D motion capture; performance software.

Importantly, processes and tools are both independent of fitters themselves.

And fitters are like cooks, some good, some bad, some who work to the letter of the recipe and others who use it simply as a starting point.

I believe that although "the recipe" is a good idea in principle, it is just a recipe, and in order for this recipe to be elevated to the highest possible level, rules need to be broken.


FORM's fit methodology is based on a functional and fully dynamic process.

One of my key aims is to engineer the most realistic and life like environment possible during a fit. Why? Because this tells me about how you ride and guides me in positioning you better.

Fully dynamic means I do not halt you mid stroke to take measurements or to hang a plumb line from your kneecap, but rather make adjustments based on watching the fluid riding process and transition between positions.

A fully dynamic fit process does not rely on generic measurements or on simply setting you up within "optimum parameters", whether these are established using video capture or 3D motion capture. Each rider has a unique set of circumstances and equipment.  This creates a unique challenge which forces me to make sense of all these aspects using an individual, person-specific approach.

The Form studio is fitted with a revolving and elevating fit platform which allows me to see you from all angles and test your climbing technique on a slope. I also use 2D video capture as a way of demonstrating to you all the important aspects, particularly those elements which need changing.