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The basis of a good bike fit is to increase physical performance. Performance increases when dysfunction decreases.

Dysfunction is caused by poor physical condition and bad positioning. Bad positioning creates an environment which challenges the body, forcing it to counteract and adjust, leading to dysfunction.

At FORM the aim is to liberate the body and allow it to perform in it's natural state, free of dysfunction.



If you're in the market for a new bike, choosing the right frame is paramount to achieve the correct position.

FORM's bike sizing & advice service offers a fresh, unique and modern perspective on frame sizing and gives clarity on the relationship between your own proportions and the shape of your ideal bike.

A sizing session will give you all the info you need to find the most appropriate bike. This includes a basic bike position as well as the ideal frame geometry you should be looking for.

The sizing & advice service encompass all brands and is completely impartial.


Each discipline of riding has it's own specific criteria. Each individual within that discipline has their own unique needs.

Whether you're an amateur sportive rider, hardcore ironman racer or short course TT rider, having a position which enables you to function optimally is equally important.

FORM's approach to fitting is both specific and adaptive - specific to discipline and adaptive to the individual and their circumstance.

A FORM fit is designed to give you the physical tools to perform at your best, and to create the perfect balance between energy output, power and momentum.

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Purchasing a hand-made, custom geometry frame is a big commitment, and any mistakes made at the beginning of the process are irreversible.

Most frame builders are not bikefitters, so achieving a geometry geared towards your own riding style and physiology can be a hit and miss process. It's imperative you enter the transaction with a clear idea of what your requirements are.

The FORM fit-to-design process is invaluable in providing you with knowledge of how your riding position informs both the frame’s geometry and the component choices which go with it. Depending on requirement, the service offers the following;

  • Advice on how to enter discussions with the relevant frame builder / what to ask for, what to look out for

  • A pre-purchase CAD mock-up design of the frame based on your fit measurements to compare with the builder's own design

  • A full CAD frame design, based on bike fit numbers, to hand over to your chosen builder

  • A service including initial frame design, communication with the frame builder, changes and final design