Form is an independent, customer-centric bike fit studio in the London area.

The focus of the studio is solely on bike fitting and on providing impartial advice on bikes and equipment to clients. Form is not a retailer.

The studio is run by myself, Ronan Descy, and is based on a functional, non-branded fit process, the end result of a decade of fitting in a number of high-profile London outlets using other, well-known branded methods.

I am impartial to everything except result, and my focus will always be on the individual.

In an industry drowning in technology and hype, my aim is to find effective, real-life solutions and provide you with useful, informed knowledge on positioning, technique and bike sizing.


Book a fit or sizing session with Form and you will be guaranteed the following:

  • An uninterrupted, friendly, one on one session in a private setting
  • A process which informs you and provides you with the info you require
  • Clarity on the relationship between yourself, your position and your bike geometry
  • Impartial and honest advice on all brands of bikes and equipment
  • A free follow up if changes are required post fit
  • Freedom to correspond by email at any point to discuss anything else which comes up